Monday, July 1, 2013

Larson Gallery Guild Artist of the Month, July: Joan Eckman

Joan Eckman

Ahtanum Forest

Snowy Trail

Yakima Flyway 

About the Artist  
 Joan E. Eckman
Joan was born in a small rural community in Eastern Washington where she and her husband Larry raised two sons. Theirs is an active lifestyle with many outdoor pursuits that has kept Joan in the outdoors where she loves to be.  They currently live in the Yakima valley area of Washington and continue in those pursuits.

Joan’s love of art developed at an early age, and continued into college at Eastern Washington University. She continues her professional contacts through membership with the Yakima Valley Society of Artists and Plein Air Washington Association. Joan credits her growth as an artist to desire and instruction; her continuing desire to depict the natural wonders around her; and the instruction of renowned watercolorist Nita Engle.

Life took an abrupt turn at age 22 for Joan after a skydiving accident left her partially paralyzed. The active outdoor lifestyle continues although changed in intensity. The need to add color to her pencil renderings developed gradually and she turned to watercolor which was easy to take on outings. Acrylic has been recently added to the mediums Joan works in and mixed media seems to be a natural progression. Her love of the outdoors continues to thrive as is evident in much of her work.

Artist Statement

"A picture is just a fleeting moment in time”, states Joan. "Each moment is not its own; not a means within itself, or of itself, but a culmination of events leading up to and beyond that moment." "I believe each picture should portray this and ask the viewer to consider those events; to wonder”
Being outdoors has always been an important part of my life, and that continues. When I was young I hurried through the landscape with joy from one physical activity to another. Now, I spend more time in appreciation of the beauty that is available for all the senses, and my interaction with the environment is much more leisurely and contemplative. Instead of chasing after the adventure; I now let the adventure slowly unfold before me.

I have come to believe that nature has more to offer than what is immediately apparent. There are subtle and constant interactions going on between elements and if we just take a little time to absorb the present we will become aware. I paint because I love to paint; the subjects are because they inspire me.

Upcoming Show:

YVSA Show at Oak Hollow Gallery in Yakima, WA
Show Dates: July 9th - August 3rd
Artists' Reception - Friday, July 12th, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Contact Info:
Phone: (509)388-9061


  1. I am a huge fan of Joan's work. A former resident of Yakima, I now live in Texas and am so thrilled to own one of her beautiful paintings. Just looking at her work evokes deep feelings of "home" and memories that are too profound to express in words. Congratulations to you, Joan, and thank you for sharing your artistic gifts with the world.

    1. Wow. Thanks Nicki. I really appreciate your support. I love Yakima. There is inspiration at every turn! I have so many ideas for paintings that it is hard to settle down with just one. It seems like I always have two or three that I am working on at any one time. I love it. JoanE