Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A YVCC Student event Benefiting the Larson Gallery

Artifacts at the Hub
A YVCC Student event
Benefiting the Larson Gallery

Artifacts at the Hub, a Student event:

“Artifacts at the Hub” is a planned student event at the YVCC student hub November 26, 2013/ 11:00-12:00.  Students will work through the Larson Gallery to take “artifacts” to the Hub for a one hour sales event.  Some art items from the Larson’s “Artifacts” display will be moved to a table at the Hub but this sale will focus primarily on used art books, art supplies, and art items donated by Guild members.  “Artifacts” sales items will be full price but donated art items will be on sale at “Student prices”.  The event will distribute Larson Gallery calendars, gallery information, and membership applications.  The public is welcome to this event.


Guild members who wish to contribute to “Artifacts at the Hub” are encouraged to “clean out your studio or book shelves of unused art books, art materials, or art objects that you no longer have a need for or an interest in”.  These items will be sold at the YVCC Student Hub at the “Artifacts at the Hub” event 11:00 to 12:00 Tuesday, November 26.  The donated items will be sold at “student (think “Garage sell) prices” and we are looking for good deals that will attract students who are pre-Christmas shopping.  The public is invited to attend this event.  After the sale, “Artifacts” will move back to the Gallery and shoppers will have a few more days to browse the items that weren’t sold at the hub.  All proceeds from this event will go to the Larson Gallery.

Guild members (or the public) who wish to donate to this Larson Benefit event must deliver their contributed art related cast offs at Larson Gallery before Monday, November 25. 

For more information, contact Mike Hiler.  965 - 2747

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