Monday, September 8, 2014

SELFIE: A Community Conversation on Identity

Reading the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center newsletter, this article caught my eye, and thought I would share it with you.  Many artists have done self-portraits, and the current trend is to do a "selfie".  Although I have never done either, I think this might be a fun challenge.
The following information is from the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center:

"The self portrait, an essential exercise for any artist, is the ultimate act of self expression and technical skill. While the allure of self-portraiture is nothing new, the digital “selfie” has broken the barriers of traditional visual art mediums. In one quick snap, the selfie is one of the simplest images anyone can take. While the media may be as commonplace as smartphones, as our society spends more and more time living online, selfie-portraiture will continue to evolve.

Ultimately the selfie, like traditional self portraits, is a form of self-branding. The genre is becoming more than just showing off a new haircut or outfit. These images are about the creators themselves, deeply personal and increasingly revealing.

Join the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center as we present Selfie: A Community Conversation on Identity. The gallery installation will feature self portraits in any media (including, but not limited to, acrylic, ceramic, drawing, fiber, glass, metal, mixed media, non-traditional materials, oil, photography, print, watercolor, wood and, of course, selfies). Works may be representational likenesses or non-representational conceptual ideas of the self. Get ready to reinvigorate the genre of self portraits, and accept our invitation for exploration, discovery and conversation. Get to know yourself, perfect strangers and perhaps, snap a selfie or two."

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