Sunday, May 12, 2013

Larson Gallery Artist of the Month, May: Kim Brewer

Kim Brewer


    Expressing my artistic abilities has launched me in several directions.  Initially, I began pursuing an interest in photography.  A Mediterranean trip inspired several photo exhibitions depicting the interplay of lights and shadows in the Grecian landscape.  The Greeks habit of reusing and refurbishing the old inspired a move to the exploration of recycled art.  I settled on the media of old leather belts.

     Several of the first hangings I made were woven together, creating patterns and textures that I felt adapted well with our Mediterranean décor.  Besides the weaving, I also used began exploring other techniques that bent, folded, cut and connected belts to create wall hangings and display pieces.  Soon the belt art began to include beaded belts, animal bones, copper wire, animal antlers, buttons and reclaimed metal pieces.
    My 2012 winter project involves cutting and punching hundreds of four-inch lengths of belts.  I layout each piece, arranging them until a pattern emerges.  Once set into a final arrangement, I wire them together with copper wire to form a piece of wall art.  Final accents and embellishments are added along with a system for hanging.  I have just scratched the surface of this series of pieces and continue to utilize my early morning coffee time searching through photos, magazines, books and other sources for new ideas.
    I operate a hair salon/art and vintage galleria in Selah.  I live in East Selah with my partner Rick, who teaches Language Arts in Selah.  We have two daughters, four grandchildren, three dogs, two cats, eight chickens, 2 goats and whatever else flies or ventures around our home, “Sagebluff Heights”.

Upcoming Events:

The Larson Gallery Tour of Artists' Homes and Studios on May 18th 10am-4pm

Advance Tickets and Posters are available at The Larson Gallery, Oak Hollow Custom Frames & Gallery, and Yakima Binder.

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